• Fisher F5

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    Fisher® F5 Visual & Audio Target-ID Metal Detector 
    Combining the Best in Analog and Digital Technology. High Resolution Manual Ground Balance

    • Visual Target-ID by Category
    • Numeric 0-99 Readout
    • Frequency Shift
    • Target-ID Confidence Bar Graph (a great feature)
    • One Touch Notch
    • Push Button Static Pinpoint with Variable Audio Pitch and Depth Reading
    • Threshold and Gain Adjustments
    • Continuous Ground Mineralization Phase Readout
    • 4 Tone Audio ID

    Recommended for:
    Coin Shooting
    Relic Hunting
    Beach Hunting

    The F5 is the cheapest Fisher that has a dedicated ability to hunt gold with its high mineralisation ground balance ability. 

    It comes in two coil sizes, both coil sizes go to almost same depth on a target but the difference is with pinpointing, the 10 inch has the pinpoint target where the sound is loudest under where the shaft joins coil, the 11 inch has the target at the end of the coil where the sound stops in pinpointing. 


    • Upgrade to 11” DD Bi-Axial Coil
      • Increase Depth
      • Better Target Separation
      • Big Footprint: Cover More Ground Faster
      • Better in Mineralized Soils
      • Great for High mineral zone Gold or Beach Hunting Conditions

    A couple hours work in a park in Australia can certainly pay off, this was found by an F5.